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Sometimes we have ideas and we talk about them, sometimes we just talk....

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We are deeply against having to talk only about relevant things. We believe in communicating and that includes permission to be able to talk about what we like. Yes, it's almost always about Rental Ninja.

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Rental Ninja Face Logo
Having doubts is the basis for success, finding the answers is the key

FAQs, what people ask about Rental Ninja

Maybe you wonder and have questions..., bellow we try to clarify the most common topics. Some things are especially important; some are even philosophical, and some other things we also consider important, since they are about our beloved product.

How can I know if Rental Ninja really fits me?
What do you call All-in-One?
Is there permanency?
Do I have an Onboarding Session, or do I have to figure it out by myself?
Is Rental Ninja tailored only for Short Stays?
What does the idea of Software Boutique respond to?
What are the differences between the Subscription Plans?
If I opt for a commission based Subscription, when will I be charged, and what will it include?
Do prices vary depending on the Channels I publish on?
Who is Rental Ninja for?
What do you call Own branding?
More questions?
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