AI, AI, AI!! But… does it actually do something?

In the era of digital Intelligence, we couldn’t have had a more bizarre idea 📡: to use Artificial Intelligence on your advantage, save you time, and help you rise to excellence.

So, here we are, focused on providing value that goes beyond merely showcasing what technology can help us achieve.

From now on, with Rental Ninja, you can use AI for generating and improving your content.

Do you want to know what it is used for? Let’s go through some examples:

Within the new Website Builder, there’s a beautiful space for Frequently Asked Questions, the famous FAQs, and another one where you define your search headline, and where you put the Keywords you want to be found by...Things like that. 

Well, when we actually sit down to get this done. You spend hours racking your brain to come up with the right content, figure out how to present it, search online for the right keywords, position your site so it can be found…

That’s where our Magic writing comes in (lately I use that word too much, it’s not magic, what’s magic is the people who create and implement this technology for what truly matters, right?).

Well, essentially it will do it all by itself. I mean.. It knows who we are, what we do, everything about our properties, and what’s important. So practically, the system deduces and writes it for you to be super useful and practical, giving you a very advanced starting point for you to just refine.

“...Well, now that we have a cool site in so much less time than expected…, I could try to put it in some other language, right? So, I’d like to have it in… Dutch! Many clients from there actually…; yeah… I wonder if I’ll need to translate, copy and paste and all that…..

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves… Let’s see what happens… -add language button. Dutch…- YES! IT translated it! Dutch done! Wait, don’t rush… Let’s check a bit…, it’s not bad at all actually…!

That was FAST. 

That’s fun! Let me continue with the rental photos. Upon reviewing, I've seen that they don’t have the best resolution, and most of them don’t have the right size. Let's try the quality boost button and see how it goes. I’ll actually open the current one I have, then boost it, so I can see the difference…Wow. Bam, done…”

What’s best about our use of Artificial Intelligence is that we train it

It’s not just going to ChatGPT and asking for something to put on your website. The trick is in the question. 

There are details you might be interested in knowing, well, you will definitely be interested.

The contents are, once again, very SEO friendly, meaning, designed to be well received by our friends at the big search engine.

The smart website builder is yours, treat it like a treasure, handle it with care!

Seriously though, always, please, review all the generated content. It’s automatic and that’s tempting, but it represents you, your company, your business. It’s always worth reviewing.

Make sure it’s what you want to publish, give it a little tweak, make it yours, because it is.

And… soon, you’ll see more implementations coming, as always, wait and see. Enjoy it! 🎁

Oh, one last thing and I’ll stop the rant, about the cost, don’t laugh when you see it, it’s like that, no surprises, try it, we want things to work for you. 

Update for those who read to the end!

We have also just added Artificial Intelligence to the content creation of your Properties, i.e. Descriptions, Rules, Check-In Details!

And a new little detail that adds to the news..; you know that thing about describing photos..? well, that too!

Let the machine do it, better than you ;-)

We are rooting for you.

Because the idea remains the same:

User-centric software system

Simple functionalities

Flexible functionalities

Functionalities that solve problems

Accessible functionalities

And, if you asked us, it’s x2

We work among people, we love seeing each other from time to time.

A ninja hug

AI, AI, AI!! But… does it actually do something?

Maria Batlló

Rental Ninja