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The tool must be adapted to the moment and place.

Rental Ninja App

An application is much more than a mobile website. All tools are designed to optimize based on the needs of the real usage; Be alerted for new bookings, tasks, payments… Take photos and videos on place and upload them at once, chat and message with the team within the platform and leave Whatsapp for your private life...
Distribute the workload of the business among the people in your team. No matter what is done or who, your Team will be properly and timely informed, without lifting a finger.

All devices accessible from the App

When we think about our App, we think about what is happening at the moment. What the App allows us to do is to make those moments so many and so varied because it always goes with you.

Everything you can do from your office you can do from your mobile phone

No more words.That's all

Details of Rental Ninja's features

What you need, when you need it

Complete a task, see your next guests, change a date, receive an alert...

Details of Rental Ninja's features

Efficient photo and video management

Enhance task information with your video, or your photos. Facilitates inspections and excellence of results.

Details of Rental Ninja's features

All in one, but the one is all this. Know everything that Rental Ninja can offer you to manage your Accommodation Business.

Booking management from start to end

The calendar where you can see all the reservations of the Reservation Manager

Advanced KPIs reports

Some representative graphs of our statistics and KPIs panel

Full control of your Rental & Booking updates

List of updates on everything that happens with your Vacation Rental Accommodations

Automate the Tasks of your entire Team

Schedule of tasks according to each accommodation and each person in the team

Photo & videos reports for cleaning, check-in, maintenance...

Photos and videos as reports from the App for teams

Damage Deposit Management

E.g.: Email notification of automatic refunding of deposits

Online Check-in: automate arrival & ID collection

From the App you can scan your documentation

2 Clicks to create & send Invoices to owners and peers

Invoice example automatically generated for Owners in Rental Ninja

Keep track of missing Guest Payments

Receive alerts for missed payments or incidents

Connect Stripe to collect guest payments

Interface from where Guests can pay from their mobile phones

Connect to all major Booking Platforms

Select any of the booking channels you want to connect to

Internal Chat: Centralize Team comms

You can see a chat from where the teams communicate internally.

Tag Bookings with frequent requests & relevant data

We see labels on the reserves that help to manage them efficiently

Design your own Guides to share valuable insights with your guests

The guides can be as visually appealing as you wish to inform Guests about the accommodation.

Enable Self Check-ins

The Check-in form allows access to the Guest Portal.

Track how the Team is performing

Accomplish Quality Standards: Assign supervisors

Image showing the photos that team members pass to inspectors to validate their work.

Account your Bookings & separate OTA costs

Financial control image where you can see commissions from OTAs, income from bookings, etc.

Always know your company's net revenue

Summary of vacation rental income payments, expenses and commissions

Calculate your Owners' Net Income, automatically

Comparison of payments in statistical charts

Pricing; Configure as you like or integrate with Pricelabs

Calendar to configure rates as you need

Organize comms: keep Booking-related conversations where they belong

Comments and incidents based on each vacation rental piece

Push-Notifications with account & booking updates

Notifications delivered via App to your phone

Track your Guest Payments

View your guests' payments and their status
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