Publish your properties in our Channel Manager easily

Our Onboarding Process; Safe,Fast and Effortless

We are not only a Channel Manager, we also pull the strings. 

Leave it to us, we take care of everything. You give us the information, we are responsible for getting it all published quickly, saving you all complicated processes.

In addition, here is a small detail that we think you may be interested in….

IT’S FREE!!!!!

If you have your accommodation on Airbnb, these are the micro steps (micro, because the whole process takes less than 1 day in most cases)

1- If you don't have a Rental Ninja account, simply choose your plan and create your account:

Go to our Subscription Plans’ page and select the one that best suits your needs. As you know, you can use our Channel Manager with the Growth Plan or the Pro Connected Plan.

2- Provide us essentially the minimum info required to kickstart the setup of your Account and mapping of your properties with your sales portals:
Download our Google Sheets template to fill it out; go to our non-editable template to make a copy and fill it in a few general fields & others for each Airbnb listing you have.


3- Share it with us.

As soon as we receive it, we’ll verify nothing is missing and everything is accurate.

Before starting, we’ll make sure that there are no situations or nuances that require different processes or are unfeasible for some reason.

4- Once reviewed, we’ll inform you we’re starting the setup, sharing timings and details of the process.

We do not want you to have any doubts, we will explain everything about what will happen at each step.

5- To kickstart the initial phase of the import we will have a 15 minute call with you to ensure access to the platforms you’re using, review blocked dates, etc. 

We will have to interact on your behalf with Airbnb, Booking and the rest of the services you use to manage your accommodations, to ensure that it flows and syncs as expected. The aim is to avoid stopping your activity more than the minimum necessary and obviously, prevent overbookings.

6- We will create all your accommodations and link them with your Airbnb and Booking accounts.

The process will be done entirely by us, with almost no need to bother you except a doubt arises about some information or surprise, which sometimes happens.

7- That's where the magic begins!

Once your account is set up -syncing prices and availability of all your listings, we will meet you to do a very complete review of the existing, and proceed with the Onboarding. You will learn the details of your new Channel Manager and PMS, because that's why you have chosen us. You’ll learn how to handle everything from the beginning to the end.

If you have your accommodation in any other booking channel, let's talk and do it together.

But you can always, always, always talk to us by simply booking an appointment. We’ll closely follow you during the first months to help you with the learning process and grant your success. 


And here's the fine print:

- Be careful, when we start we can't stop the migration process, things get messy in the middle, and we work to make sure that “middle” is minimal time, that's why we ask you to make sure you have everything we ask for in the document before we start, to prevent blocking the process creating delays.

- If you don't fill in all the yellow fields in the Google document we won't be able to do it. We only like surprises for birthdays. That’s the data we will use for the connections to be made with each of the Booking Channels, and once we start we can’t stop, so if any fields are missing, we fall in down-time.

- The mapping process’ order will be; Airbnb, Booking and then the rest, almost like the market rules, right? ;-)

- Be careful, the Airbnb accounts must be entered in their entirety, you can't connect only some properties, they rule the “all or nothing” policy!

- Depending on the amount of services you need to integrate with (Airbnb, Booking, Other OTAs, PriceLabs, Checkin, etc.) it will take more or less time. We can normally do it with a minimum amount of time, if not, we will ask you to block the calendars in all your platforms just before starting, to avoid overbookings during the migration time.

When we have everything working is when you come in, so we recommend you get ready to start up the whole machine and run at full potential:

And if you have doubts, you can always connect with us, by Chat, by Whatsapp...look down here, in the footer. 

We hope to see you around!

Our Onboarding Process; Safe,Fast and Effortless

Julián Lerer

Growth Manager
Rental Ninja