Booking Engine, Website Builder, Multi-site…

Call it as you please. But the essence relies on creating a website where you can get direct bookings. Focus on Optimization and create the number of sites you need to align with your strategy.

When we decided it was time to give our Property Managers the possibility to create their website/s in an easy way, we defined a series of targets to achieve:

Let’s get into detail:


We love things that are well built, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful. But we also like things to work; to take care of improving the processes of what provides us business. Optimize focusing on return. We are devoted to ensuring our Property Managers’ users minimal distractions, clear information, and a clear click-to-book interface.

So that's it, we had it; we wanted websites focused on users making reservations, calm and happily frictionless.

SEO friendly

And of course, if we think about investment, SEO is one of the best ones you can take on. That is, with SEO we help search-engines find us as easily and quickly as possible. It is one of those things that are considered as an investment for the future; we sow and little by little people will come to us. Keep reading and you will see, a bit further down, that we talk about creating multiple websites -that, more than SEO-friendly, is SEO-lover 😛

Simple and Modern 

Aesthetics are a very personal thing, at the end of the day, there’s nothing like one's own taste.

But we have found the Philosopher's Stone; the guarantee that everyone will love it. Aren't we modest?

Black on white; few lines, orderly and structured information. Less is more. Straight to what’s important; the dates, straight to the button. Clear figures, broken down prices, transparent messages and essential information at a glance.

The importance of pictures

There are many important factors that affect the proper performance of any property online. We are not going to explain one by one right now - we would run out of article space-, but, we can’t not talk about the photos…! and that is not even something we discovered, even if we self-define ourselves as enlightened…! 

We want you to be able to showcase them well, each one of them will be deeply seen.

Easy to set up

Telling you that it takes 5 minutes to build would be a lie.

It can take you 7 or 8 minutes to have all the basics to go online! Now, if you want to invest a bit more, counting in the time you spend thinking about the texts, doing some research on Google, etc., etc., it could take a bit longer.

Before you start, have at hand:

Finally, you must put the domain where you want to host your website.

Well, forgot to mention a small detail, you got to decide which Rentals you want to publish on each website too ;)

Then you only have to go to your domain provider's website to add our IP to their registry.

The rest is almost literally done by itself.

Increase your Margin

We have not forgotten to find a way for you to increase your profit margin: establish the markup you want for each of the websites you create, it can be standard among them or not. We give you the tools to define your strategy and make the most out of it. 

Payment Gateway - Booking Engine

We have incorporated, in collaboration with Stripe, a Booking Engine -with no additional commissions- that will allow your guests to pay both, the initial amont to confirm the reservation from your website, as well as the remaining amount and the security deposit before their arrival from the Online Guest Portal. That’s right, you will have an Online Portal for your customers, where they can pay the rest of the rental amount, and the security deposit, without you having to send them anything. And you can use it for many other things beyond charging bookings 😀

Multiple Websites

And here with go with the cherry on the cake. 

No, it’s not only easy, practical, visible and profitable, it’s also infinite!

So what does that mean? Do you have Rentals managed on the beach? do you have Villas on the mountains? Do you manage a few high-end properties but most of your portfolio is more standard?

Alright! Then you have it easy;

And this would be our conversation if we were talking, now, you and me:

Rental Ninja: Doesn't it look good?

You (as a Property Manager): Sure, yeah.., but that must cost a fortune...

RN: No-no, who said that? You can build them for free!

PM: Noway, man… I’ve never heard that.

RN: Yes, actually, you only pay if you get direct reservations. But it's such a tiny commission that it's not even a whole number...

PM: I don’t follow...

RN: Yes, it's on purpose, to look cryptic...

PM: ....

RN: It’s under 1%

PM: Come on!

RN: And besides, since you have a specific Markup for each site, and you save on the third-party commissions...

PM: hahahahah! I didn’t think about that! I’d need two, then!

RN: hahahaha...! I knew it! I made mine already and I’m bragging about it to everyone

At this stage we can only wish you a great experience while building it, and an even better booking journey! You can go to Distribution - where you’ll find the tab “Websites” to start building your first.

Booking Engine, Website Builder, Multi-site…

Maria Batlló

Rental Ninja