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Optimize Vacation Rental Management:
The Boutique Software

20+ years of experience used to build the best all-in-one SaaS solution. Tired of fragmented tools? We are too. That's why during the last 6+ years, we have built the most robust and reliable system available to all property managers - from small businesses to industry giants. It's time to change the game.

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If it is automated, it shall be reliable

From publishing your portfolio to embracing the most efficiently automated management. Let IT do its work, but the way YOU want it done.

An efficient and automated Booking Management. An effective and transparent Channel Manager.

Our connections are so efficient that you won't even notice they are there. It's very simple: use our Channel Manager to publish, change & update any details; Receive reservations, interact with your guests and so on...BUT, this time directly DONE in Rental Ninja ;-)
No more "login n' swipe" dance!

How does the Rental Ninja Channel Manager work?
All the booking channels on  the Radar
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Simplicity, efficiency, profitability

The PMS that started it all; Because Property Management software was born when, as Property Managers, we saw what technology allowed us to achieve.

Distribution of tasks to multiple devices

Centralized & Flexible Task Management Tools

Distribute the work among your Team Members. Let them access the App, upload images and videos, and inspect, all automated. Everything distributed, centralized, and controlled.

Task Management for Vacation and Mid Term Rentals. How does it work?

Finance and Accounting Tools. Everything under control

Distribute correctly your financial flows, payout to each peer what is theirs, automate to know how much and to whom to pay, Centralize your Owners' invoicing and peers, track fees, costs and taxes ....

How to Manage the accounting of a Hospitality company?
Revenues and expenses
Guest management situations

Improve the experience before and during each stay; manage and welcome your clients smoothly with our Guest Module

From the PreCheck-in Form, the management of details and legal documentation, to the guidelines for using of the Jacuzzi, manage the communication with your guest in an organized, sustainable and modern way, each thing at its own needed time and in detail, without friction.

How can I improve the interaction and diligence with my Guests in my property?

All in one, but the one is all this. Know everything that Rental Ninja can offer you to manage your Accommodation Business.

Booking management from start to end

The calendar where you can see all the reservations of the Reservation Manager

Advanced KPIs reports

Some representative graphs of our statistics and KPIs panel

Full control of your Rental & Booking updates

List of updates on everything that happens with your Vacation Rental Accommodations

Automate the Tasks of your entire Team

Schedule of tasks according to each accommodation and each person in the team

Photo & videos reports for cleaning, check-in, maintenance...

Photos and videos as reports from the App for teams

Damage Deposit Management

E.g.: Email notification of automatic refunding of deposits

Online Check-in: automate arrival & ID collection

From the App you can scan your documentation

2 Clicks to create & send Invoices to owners and peers

Invoice example automatically generated for Owners in Rental Ninja

Keep track of missing Guest Payments

Receive alerts for missed payments or incidents

Connect Stripe to collect guest payments

Interface from where Guests can pay from their mobile phones

Connect to all major Booking Platforms

Select any of the booking channels you want to connect to

Internal Chat: Centralize Team comms

You can see a chat from where the teams communicate internally.

Tag Bookings with frequent requests & relevant data

We see labels on the reserves that help to manage them efficiently

Design your own Guides to share valuable insights with your guests

The guides can be as visually appealing as you wish to inform Guests about the accommodation.

Enable Self Check-ins

The Check-in form allows access to the Guest Portal.

Track how the Team is performing

Accomplish Quality Standards: Assign supervisors

Image showing the photos that team members pass to inspectors to validate their work.

Account your Bookings & separate OTA costs

Financial control image where you can see commissions from OTAs, income from bookings, etc.

Always know your company's net revenue

Summary of vacation rental income payments, expenses and commissions

Calculate your Owners' Net Income, automatically

Comparison of payments in statistical charts

Pricing; Configure as you like or integrate with Pricelabs

Calendar to configure rates as you need

Organize comms: keep Booking-related conversations where they belong

Comments and incidents based on each vacation rental piece

Push-Notifications with account & booking updates

Notifications delivered via App to your phone

Track your Guest Payments

View your guests' payments and their status
Don’t stop clicking on the little arrows, the thing doesn’t stop!
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Our best investment; profitable prices for our customers

What will you take advantage from?

Improve your management and achieve better performance
Boost Revenue & Occupancy

On average our customers using Rental Ninja are increasing their revenue by a steady 40% a year.

Optimize time and turn it into money
Save Time & Money

Save over 20% of the time you and your team spend on daily repetitive stuff by automating wisely.

Happy guests is what ensures your future
User Satisfaction

Get rave reviews, streamline your team, empower your owners. Choose Rental Ninja.

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Having doubts is the basis for success, finding the answers is the key

FAQs, what people ask about Rental Ninja

Maybe you wonder and have questions..., bellow we try to clarify the most common topics. Some things are especially important; some are even philosophical, and some other things we also consider important, since they are about our beloved product.

How can I know if Rental Ninja really fits me?
What do you call All-in-One?
Is there permanency?
Do I have an Onboarding Session, or do I have to figure it out by myself?
Is Rental Ninja tailored only for Short Stays?
What does the idea of Software Boutique respond to?
What are the differences between the Subscription Plans?
If I opt for a commission based Subscription, when will I be charged, and what will it include?
Do prices vary depending on the Channels I publish on?
Who is Rental Ninja for?
What do you call Own branding?
More questions?
Contact us now!
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Don't worry about what they say about you, but know what they say about us.

Ye shall know them by their fruits

Our goal is to make our tools work for our customers. They will be our fruits


This is the growth rate of our users between 50 and 100 rentals.


This is the growth rate of our users of more than 100 rentals.


These are the companies that are no longer with us after 12 months.

Stay in Provence tells us, through Roman Giacalone, his positive testimonial about Rental Ninja as a Vacation Rental Tool.
Romain Giacalone
Founder Stay In Provence

Using Rental Ninja literally saved my high season when I started to use it and overall, allowed me to grow faster than expected. Rental Ninja is so complete and well thought out for operations, that on a daily basis, it finally becomes the most used tool.

February 2024
Perrine LE RU
Manager Check In Conciergerie

Nous utilisons Rental Ninja depuis plusieurs mois. Nous sommes très satisfaits de l'outil et apprécions que de nouvelles fonctionnalités soient disponibles régulièrement. Rental Ninja nous fait gagner du temps dans la gestion des missions avec nos équipes au quotidien et notre facturation avec nos clients. L'équipe est à l'écoute de nos demandes. Nous recommandons Rental Ninja !

February 2024
Abdallah Assaf
Founder Hazel

Wanted to express my satisfaction with Rental Ninja. The platform provided level of organization and streamlined our rental management process. The user-friendly interface, prompt customer support, and comprehensive features

February 2024
Jessica Wallbank
Manager  Ayrshire Rural Retreats

It has many great features that are useful for our business. I like how it easily syncs everything together without any hassle and I can run my entire business from my phone - with three children under four this is crucial - Rental Ninja helps me do this! The support team, in particular Eva, is always on hand and very patient and efficient. Highly recommend Rental Ninja!

February 2024
Veronique Grau
Founder SeasonLoc

1/ Rental Ninja est à la fois une application indispensable pour gérer : les arrivées et les départs des locataires qui permet d'avoir en une vue sur le téléphone portable la liste des arrivées et des départs du Jour - Outil indispensable pour partager l'info avec les membres de mon équipe pour la répartition du travail. // 2/ La facturation mensuelle avec les relevés mensuels // 3/ Le bilan annuel (grâce aux différents filtres) // Le plus : avoir une personne dédiée en suivi comme Jon qui permet de faire évoluer la façon de travailler et d'adapter selon les différents cas qui se présentent.

February 2024
Stay in Provence tells us, through Roman Giacalone, his positive testimonial about Rental Ninja as a Vacation Rental Tool.
John Marphy
Founder Status Holiday Homes

The Best Intuitive Interface I have ever seen. And they have a great team!

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Our best investment; profitable prices for our customers
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